Black Label

If a restaurant is on Foodetective, you know that you can trust that the quality is there. But some restaurants amid our listings are simply so brilliant that they need some extra attention: meet our Black Label.

Our Black Label is something we never joke about! It’s our promise for constant excellence, extremely high levels of taste, innovative chefs and cooking techniques, combined with a near perfect service and ambiance.

Our Black Label is an exclusive club, in which we only accept establishments that blend all these elements. It is the highest echelon of Foodetective, and businesses are rightly proud to have reached it. These are the absolute best restaurants in your city.


  1. Black Label businesses must achieve a rating above 9.0 in all six pillars of our rating system
  2. Each Detective can award only a single Black Label per year
  3. Any F&B business is eligible to receive our black label, irrespective of the chef, cuisine or product they provide
  4. Always respect the rules of the Black Label