A person who loves food above all else. They love food so much that they’d rather be short on rent than forgo that awesome taco place that just opened in their neighbourhood. Our Detectives are on a mission to hunt down and discover the best spots in their city, and have been trained to use our Six Pillar form of reviewing. They are tremendously skilled at spotting the best dishes & chefs and capture the experience with great photos to go with their first-class reviews.


A person who uses Foodetective to pick where to eat and drink.


A F&B business listed on Foodetective. These can range from a restaurant to a speakeasy, from a bar to a butcher, from a food truck to a bakery - and everything in between!

Food Luck

Means good luck, because nothing beats good food!


Our perfectly designed software for F&B businesses. On Sherlock, you can pretty much meet all your business needs: from your payments and opening hours to guest relations.


Our machine learning and fake review detector. Boris will find fakesters and his wrath will be ruthless.


Our A.I. community manager.

Food School

Our training that helps all the foodies improve their game. Going through our Food School turns normal foodies into Detectives.

The Rating Sheet

The basis for our Six Pillar rating method focused on food, service, atmosphere, cleanliness, concept and pricing. Our Rating Sheet ensures that you get a full picture of the establishment you’re thinking of visiting, so that you’re never disappointed by a food experience ever again.