Trust, Passion & First-Class Reviews

How do you know you can trust a review on Foodetective? That it’s not only a real review written by a real person about a real restaurant, but that it’s a first-class review that you can trust. Here’s how:

Our Detectives are


Our primary goal was and still is to create the biggest online community of food critics, gastronomy specialists, all-star chefs and professional foodies. We make sure that our Detectives are hard workers and passionate about their craft. By doing so, we deliver creative content of the highest quality.


First we select food lovers with a set of ‘must have’ soft skills such as being artistically inclined, open-minded, observant, and passionate about food. Detectives must have already demonstrated a love for food, with some prior content about the food scene going on their own city. Then we train Detectives in our “patented” Six Pillar reviews : food, service, atmosphere, cleanliness, concept and pricing.


Detectives don’t accept payment or free meals from restaurants, so you can rest assured that these are their unbiased opinions.

Our Businesses are

Full of soul

We only list F&B businesses that have soul. And by soul we mean amazing food (and drinks and style and chefs and servers and…well, you get it). We can promise you right here and now that we will never list the grubby chicken kebab you guiltily eat at 3am or any commercial chain.

Hidden gems

We love hidden gems and secret spots where you’ve never been before. Discovery is one of our joys and we aim to make you fall in love with your city all over again!

Neighborhood classics

We know the restaurants, bars, food trucks, food markets, cafés and ice-cream shops that the locals go to. What you won’t see on Foodetective are junk food places, chain restaurants, low quality kebabs and places that have pizza and sushi on the same menu…

Fakesters and Fraudsters

Unlike other review platforms out there, we actually care about our Detectives. It’s a crazy idea, we know, but Detectives are the key link between eaters and businesses. So we pick, train and support each Detective very carefully.

By caring for our Detectives and ensuring that they have the tools they need to share their experiences with you, we solve the problems that all the other sites that don’t care about reviewers have (looking at you TripAdvisor): fraud, fakery, and low quality.

We take care of our Detectives so that you can take care of that delicious pinot noir.

The outcome is a gorgeous world map of the best places to visit, to help you eat and drink well anywhere at any time. If it’s on Foodetective, you can simply trust it.