Why Should I register

Foodetective for your business

At Foodetective, we offer multiple services but have a single mission: to empower F&B businesses in their quest for greatness, high-quality food & drinks, innovative cuisine, and a profitable business model. We are the partner you need to centrally manage all your services so you can focus on doing what you do best: providing excellent food and drinks to your customers.

Why register on Foodetective?

If you run a F&B business, you can benefit from registering on Foodetective. Whether you’re a restaurant, a butcher, an ice cream shop or a bar, Foodetective makes it simple and secure to earn money by reaching hungry people looking for unique places to eat and drink – at places just like yours!

When you register, your business is featured on a website that people know and trust, in itself a proof of the quality of your establishment.

You’re in control

With Foodetective, you can manage your availability, prices, menus, and how you interact with clients yourself. You can select or remove various online services and handle the process however way you like. We make sure you’re always in control rather than make these choices for you. By registering, you’ll have access to your dashboard, and to invaluable feedback to grow your business.

We’re there at every step

Foodetective offers tools, hospitality tips, support, and an online community of experienced Detectives for questions and sharing ideas for success. We are your partners and can help you every step of the way.